Cateringmart welcomes the new selling agent Luke to the team, Need to sell equipment or your business call Luke 07815118881


How do I submit an advert?

Simple, just click login to your account and click 'Add Listing'. Enter a few details about your advert and some images.

Is there a charge?

There is no charge for many categories, although for others (such as 'Businesses for Sale') there is.

Can I add a picture?

You may add up to 10 images to your listing. These must be relevant to the listing else your advert may not get approved, or the image may be removed.

How do I upload my pictures?

We've built a special image upload tool for you. Once you've entered your listing details, you can just drag and drop the images, or click and select the images you.

When will my advert appear?

Listings are subject to approval, but as long as everything is ok, there will be minimal delay. 

How do I edit my advert?

If you need to make a minor edit to your advert, you can contact us via the form on the site. If it's a larger change, it may be a better option to delete your current listing and create a new one